Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Trauma : Conjunctivitis

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Pink Eyes/Madras Eyes

There is a thin transparent membrane covering the front of the eye called the Conjunctiva. The inflammation of this membrane produces Conjunctivitis. It constitutes the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. Mainly, in this infection, the white part of the eyes turn red, this is because when the eye becomes irritated or infected, the tiny blood vessels dilate and turn red. It can be due to bacterial, viral or even allergic reactions. It spreads from person to person when in direct contact and is also known as "Sore Eyes".

This is seen in quite many places nowadays; hence thought of writing about it.

Major symptoms can be:-
  • discharge of yellow color fluid or pus from the eyes (may cause eyelashes to be stuck together)
  • pain in the eye
  • eyes turn reddish in color
  • sensitivity to light
  • itchy feeling
  • watery eyes
  • burning sensation
  • dryness
  • swelling of eyes
Probable causes can be:-
  • viral infection due to cold or sore throat
  • unclean hand-to-eye contact especially in overcrowded and unhygienic surroundings
  • over usage of non-prescription eye drops
  • direct contact with an infected person
  • smoke, dust or pollen
  • overstraining of eyes
  • allergies
  • contact lens trapping unwanted particles inside itself
Remedies (from home itself):-
  • To give a little relief to the eyes, place these over it intermittently-
    • slices of peeled potatoes
    • cloth soaked in aloevera juice or curd
    • moist green/black tea-bag
    • cold bread
  • Castor oil can be used as an eye drop
  • Boil fennel seeds or dried coriander in water and use as an eye-wash
  • Honey can either be used as an eye-drop or it can be boiled in water and used as an eye-wash
  • Having Gooseberry juice with honey or Carrot+Spinach juice can be highly beneficial
  • Washing the eyes with cool water
  • Have lots of fresh fruits like papaya (boosts immunity), mango, orange, etc.
  • Make the diet rich in Vitamin A and B2; include stuffs like milk, curd, butter, almonds and green veggies
Little Tips:-
  • Avoid sharing pillows, clothes, towels.
  • Keep bedsheets and clothes clean by washing often.
  • Don't pester your eyes by putting your fingers into them always; and then touching all other places.
  • Keep yourself clean and aloof from other diseases.
  • Use sunglasses if going out in sunlight.
Keep yourself aloof from this quite infectious irritating disease....friends! Take Care.

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