Tuesday, March 24, 2009


kangal irandaal un kangal irandaal
ennai katti izhuthai izhuthai podhadhene
chinna sirippil oru kalla sirippil
ennai thallivittu thallivittu moodi maraithaai (2)

pesa enni sila naal.. arigil varuven
pinbu paarvai podhum ena naan.. ninaipen naguzhvene maatri

kangal ezhudhum iru kangal ezhudhum
oru vanna kavidhai kaadhal daana
oru varthai illaye idhil osai illaye
idhai irulilum padithida mudigiradhe

iravum alladha pagalum alladha pozhudhugal unnodu kazhiyuma
thodavum koodatha padavum koodatha idaiveli appodhu kuraiyuma
madiyinil saindhida thudikudhe
marupuram naanamum thadukkuthe
idhu varai yaaridamum solladha kadhai (kangal irandaal.. chinna sirippil..)

karaigal andaatha kaatrum theendatha manadhukkul eppodho nuzhaindhitai
udalum alladha uruvam kolladha kadavulai pol vandhu kalandhitai
unnai indri ver oru ninaivilla
ini indha vonuyir enadhillai
thadaiyilai saavilume unnoda vara
(kangal ezhudhum.. oru varthai illaye.. pesa enni..
kangal irandaal.. chinna sirippil..)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Story of Movers n Packers!!!

As I mentioned before, last Saturday we received all the things pertaining to us from the Movers. They had mentioned a timeline of 8 am to 9 am, in between which, they would be delivering the things.

We had slept late after a movie night, but in the morning at 8.02 am,, when I looked out through my patio window, I saw a huge truck standing just in front of our condo building. I was astonished at their punctuality. They were 2 in number, and just in a second, I heard a door bell ringing. I opened it up, just in time to hear the 'Good Morning Ma'm' greeting from the truck driver. They got our signatures on some of their papers and started doing their bit. It was just a matter of 1-2 hours, and they had emptied up their truck and assembled every furniture that we requested to. Oh! That was pretty fast.

And now, we are left with a big mess of boxes in our 2-bedroom condo. The house of course, seemed to larger than we necessitated; but now, there was not a tiny bit of space even to drop a pin.

Leave that apart, the things were pretty much fine; nothing much broken or so. And, another surprising factor is that they spent only a week's time to send it over from San Jose, California to O'Fallon, Missouri. As promised, they were ready with their weekend delivery too. I think I would recommend these people to you. They are Partner Van Lines from San Jose,CA. Even though their per lb. charges were a bit more than average, I felt it was better to feel comfortable with a Mover first, rather than spend little money and get everything broken or after a long wait.

Thats all for now guys..
catch u l8r..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alliyilam poovo...

This song was terribly in my mind for the past few days.. thought of sharing its lyrics with you guys.. njoy !!!

Alliyilam poovo illimulam theno (2)
Thengila neero then mozhiyo Mannil virinja nilaavo (Alliyilam..)

Thallalam moolum kaate pullani kaatila kaate(2)
Kanni vayal kaate nee kanmaniye urakkaan vaa (2)
Nee chellaam chellam tha thaiyyam thaiyyam
Nee chellam chellam thaiyyam thaiyyam Thulli thulli vaa vaa (Alliyilam..)

Kai viral unnum neram kannukal chimmum neram (2)
Kanni vayal kiliye nee kanmaniye unarthaathe (2)
Nee thaali peeli poonkaatinullil
Nee thaali peeli kaattin ullil Koodum thedi po po (Alliyilam..)

This certainly gives some nostalgic feelings to me... its a really good feeling.. hope u guys too feel so..

Again a long stay off..

Now... moved to Missouri.. the land of forests.. lakes and Missouri River...

Project necessitated a movement of location... So, settling down li'l by li'l in this new place. After being in the Bay Area for so long.. it seems difficult to cope up with such a different area. Not much Indians or Indian shops around.. not even any much attractive place to roam around.. ah.. seems like it would take lot of time to get adjusted in this new place.

I had a new experience Movers n Packers; also with a car transporter. Our car was shipped in an enclosed carrier by DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers), they had told it would take around 2 weeks, but to our surprise and happiness, they dropped our car in front of our new condo within a week's time. It was in perfect shape as ever; and for anyone, I would recommend DAS for their auto shipment. No comments about the Household Movers yet; since I have not yet received the stuff. Hmm.. lemme wait n see if I need to put a good/bad comment about those guys.

So all u out there.. me back again.. hopefully wud remain here forever n always from now on..

catch u l8r guys..