Thursday, August 7, 2008

New to blogging guys..

I had been reading quite a no:of blogs and was curious of when will I be able to create one. Finally, I have succeeded in that Herculian task (as it seems to me). I named this blog as "Ente Ishtangal" ("My likes" - for all those non malayalees out there), since through this blog I would like to share all my interests. What are my interests..hey just visit my profile, you will understand that there are really infinite activities which enthuse me.

Anyways, for a start and to know how my posts would look in the blog, I am gonna try it out with a recipe that I experimented last day.

Thanks for reading guys!

Hope that I will be able to make you people really enjoy the moments, while you go through my blogs.


BIJOU said...

blog vallappozhum thurannu nokkanam

dearItsMe said...

athu sheriya tto..
it had been a long leave from my system now.. enthu cheyyaam..
but i guess i wud be able to regain my momentum