Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Story from True Life

Stem Cells –

One of my friends explained to me the importance of collecting stem cells during delivery time. Even another one of them pointed out a true story on this matter.

My Inspiration:

The story goes like this. My friend's coworker had a younger brother, let us name him Mr. X. Once while X was coming out of a shop, a speeding car hit him very badly. In fact, he had just completed taking copies of study materials for his Engineering Course. Boom.. that was a great blow on him.. his dreams were shattered into zillion pieces. Everyone opinioned that X would soon die, more due to his backbone that was crushed due to the impact and further scans which revealed that 3 of his spinal bones were completely destroyed.

This was the juncture where God helped X. After all this tragic happenings, his spinal cord remained untouched – it was just pushed out from between the broken pieces of the spinal bones. But still, his body below the neck was paralyzed. The doctors were determined to save X from this trauma; they tried operating and replacing his broken spinal bones with titanium. Fortunately, the efforts did bear fruits and the paralysis was restricted to his body parts under his waist.

Nevertheless, his doctors didn’t stop, they enrolled him as a specimen for the Stem Cell Research conducted in Manipal University, India. They had great hope that any medication would show quicker response, since X was really young (his age was around 18 years). Later, they injected him with the stem cells and entrusted, the 35% lurking chance of recovery, entirely on his will power and determination.

God is not that bad friends!!! It can be entitled to be a hard-to-believe miracle, but today X has started walking even though with the help of crutches. He was visiting a physiotherapist regularly for facilitating easier movements of his limbs and indeed, after several sittings, that was contributing to his success. A wonderful triumph against destiny’s experiments.. truly.

This real story inspired me to think I need to shed more light into this stuff and share it with all of you.

to be continued.. friends!

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