Monday, March 23, 2009

Story of Movers n Packers!!!

As I mentioned before, last Saturday we received all the things pertaining to us from the Movers. They had mentioned a timeline of 8 am to 9 am, in between which, they would be delivering the things.

We had slept late after a movie night, but in the morning at 8.02 am,, when I looked out through my patio window, I saw a huge truck standing just in front of our condo building. I was astonished at their punctuality. They were 2 in number, and just in a second, I heard a door bell ringing. I opened it up, just in time to hear the 'Good Morning Ma'm' greeting from the truck driver. They got our signatures on some of their papers and started doing their bit. It was just a matter of 1-2 hours, and they had emptied up their truck and assembled every furniture that we requested to. Oh! That was pretty fast.

And now, we are left with a big mess of boxes in our 2-bedroom condo. The house of course, seemed to larger than we necessitated; but now, there was not a tiny bit of space even to drop a pin.

Leave that apart, the things were pretty much fine; nothing much broken or so. And, another surprising factor is that they spent only a week's time to send it over from San Jose, California to O'Fallon, Missouri. As promised, they were ready with their weekend delivery too. I think I would recommend these people to you. They are Partner Van Lines from San Jose,CA. Even though their per lb. charges were a bit more than average, I felt it was better to feel comfortable with a Mover first, rather than spend little money and get everything broken or after a long wait.

Thats all for now guys..
catch u l8r..

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