Thursday, March 19, 2009

Again a long stay off..

Now... moved to Missouri.. the land of forests.. lakes and Missouri River...

Project necessitated a movement of location... So, settling down li'l by li'l in this new place. After being in the Bay Area for so long.. it seems difficult to cope up with such a different area. Not much Indians or Indian shops around.. not even any much attractive place to roam around.. ah.. seems like it would take lot of time to get adjusted in this new place.

I had a new experience Movers n Packers; also with a car transporter. Our car was shipped in an enclosed carrier by DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers), they had told it would take around 2 weeks, but to our surprise and happiness, they dropped our car in front of our new condo within a week's time. It was in perfect shape as ever; and for anyone, I would recommend DAS for their auto shipment. No comments about the Household Movers yet; since I have not yet received the stuff. Hmm.. lemme wait n see if I need to put a good/bad comment about those guys.

So all u out there.. me back again.. hopefully wud remain here forever n always from now on..

catch u l8r guys..

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