Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alliyilam poovo...

This song was terribly in my mind for the past few days.. thought of sharing its lyrics with you guys.. njoy !!!

Alliyilam poovo illimulam theno (2)
Thengila neero then mozhiyo Mannil virinja nilaavo (Alliyilam..)

Thallalam moolum kaate pullani kaatila kaate(2)
Kanni vayal kaate nee kanmaniye urakkaan vaa (2)
Nee chellaam chellam tha thaiyyam thaiyyam
Nee chellam chellam thaiyyam thaiyyam Thulli thulli vaa vaa (Alliyilam..)

Kai viral unnum neram kannukal chimmum neram (2)
Kanni vayal kiliye nee kanmaniye unarthaathe (2)
Nee thaali peeli poonkaatinullil
Nee thaali peeli kaattin ullil Koodum thedi po po (Alliyilam..)

This certainly gives some nostalgic feelings to me... its a really good feeling.. hope u guys too feel so..


Xtrabrainz said...

Yeah, this is a very sweet song.
my Kid loves to hear this while she goes to sleep.
...and I love to put this song for her, because it doesn't 'hurt' like other songs.

This is the only way I can reason it....

"This song doesn't hurt"

Anil Kurup

Anonymous said...

this is the one best song i ever heard.with its very sweet and simple lyric, will touch everyones heart.


anilkurup said...

Simple and sweet little piece

Suraj Nair said...