Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thrissur Pooram - Part 6

And with the all the preparations, there comes “The Day”.

The pooram day starts with the ceremonial entrance of “Kanimangalam Shastha” into the Vadakunnathan through the southern gopuram at 7 a.m. “Shastha” is normally characterized as the guardian of pooram and incarnated as “Bhrahaspathi” (Devaguru). It is marked by the presence of 7 caparisoned elephants and Nadapady. This is the only pooram other than “Paramekkavu” that is allowed to perform Melam inside the Vadakunnathan.

The Pandimelam starts in front of Elinjithara and Shastha exits, finishing the Melam, through the western gopuram. This is followed by the arrival of Panamukkampilly Shastha and Chembookavu Karthiayani Devi, entering through the eastern gopuram, finally leaving through the southern gopuram. Meanwhile, the poorams of Laloor, Ayyanthole, Neithalkavu and Choorakottukavu moves to the Thekkinkadu Maidanam from Naduvilal (western side of Swaraj Round) and enter vadakumnathan through the western gopuram leaving through the southern gopuram.

In the meantime, the Thiruvambady Baghavathy will start from the Thiruvambady temple. The procession reaches Thekkemadam by around 10.30 am. After “Irakkypooja”, the famous “Madathilvaravu” starts with “Panchavadhyam”. The panchavadyam continues till the procession reaches “Thiruvambady” panthal at “Naickanal” (Northern side of Swaraj Round), and then, the “Pandimelam” starts with 15 elephants.

The Karamukku Bagavathy moves through the Manikandanaal (southern side of Swaraj Round) and enters through the western gopuram and leaves through the southern gopuram. However, all the poorams conclude at “Nilapaduthara” near the western gopuram.

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