Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrissur Pooram - Part 7

During this time period (around 12 noon), Paramekkavu Bhagavathi starts with “PandiMelam”, popularly known as “Purapaadu”; it ends up entering the Vadakunnathan through the “Manikandanaal” side (southern side). This leads to the famous “Elinjithara Melam” which concludes by 4.30 p.m.

Afterwards, Paramekkavu bhagavathi leaves through the southern gopuram marking the start of “Thekkottirakam” (meaning descending southwards). Devi travels towards south for performing a “Pradhakshinam” (going roundabout in clockwise direction) of Sakthan Thampuran’s statue, in front of the Muncipal Office. By then, the Thiruvambady melam concludes at Sreemoolasthanam (western gate of Vadakunnathan) and the Devi enters the Vadakunnathan temple and leaves through the southern gopuram, only to find Parmekkavu waiting her entry into the battlefield for the ever-famous cynosure, “Kudamattom”, the spectacular show of exchanging parasols of myriad numbers, designs and colors. Both Paramekkavu and Thiruvambady field face to face arrays of richly caparisoned elephants and the stage is all set for a wonderful competition of the swift and rhythmic exchange of brightly colored and sequined parasols. Both the groups explore and exploit every source at their command, providing a mind-blowing visual treat to all the spectators assembled at the “ThekkegopuraNada” of the Vadakunnathan, culminating with an ever-memorable dazzling display of fireworks, leaving an everlasting stamp on each person’s minds making spectators going into raptures.

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