Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thrissur Pooram - Part 8

Once again, the participant poorams will start to perform in the same hierarchy, but will end up at “Nilapaduthara” .Two of the major ones namely, “Paramekkavu” and “Thiruvambady” will temporarily suspend their ensemble at their respective “Panthals” at 3.00 am, and the breathtaking final firework display depicting the rivalry between the 2 groups, starts.

Indeed, these fireworks are a secret pride of Thrissur Pooram because they are really distinct in character, performance, excellence and magnitude. Both Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu temples vying to show each other’s cultural and artistic brilliance in turn result in providing the crowd with the best and the most unexpected. It ends up as a hale and hearty show of the two sections’ might. People come from faraway places to watch this amazing display of Pyrotechnics.

The fireworks enthrall people in four different occasions during Pooram season namely, the ‘sample fireworks’ couple of days before the Pooram, the colorful sparklers (“Amittu”) lighting up the sky in a true competitive spirit on the Pooram evening after the Southward Descent, the most impressive event marking the peak of Pooram celebrations in the early morning hours, and the final fireworks the following noon after the Goddesses bid farewell to each other that mark the end of Pooram.

Behind this colourful show, is the concerted and dedicated effort of thousands of artisans over a couple of months and their satisfaction after all the show has ended. The technique involves a simple mixture of sound, light and strength, the proportion varying according to the type, say Amittu produces less sound and more color whereas Dynamite produces high pitch sound only. Each chemical helps produce a particular color to the fireworks, with the addition of Aluminum powder and magnesium, that helps bring some gimmicks. However, potassium chlorate, which was used to increase the loudness has now been replaced by potassium nitrate considering safety as the top priority.

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