Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ellu Urundai

I made this simple recipe on my birthday !!!


Black sesame seeds (ellu) - 200g
Jaggery - 100g


1. Wash the sesame seeds and roast them in a dry pan until they splutter.
2. In another pan, make a syrup out of jaggery, by heating it with little water.
3. Check the completion of the syrup formation by dropping a bit of the syrup into a bowl of water; it should become solid instantly. If so, remove the syrup from heat.
4. Add sesame seeds into this syrup and make small lime-sized balls out of it. Better if done when the syrup is not yet cooled. Grease the hands with butter before doing this.
5. Serve hot or cold as a simple, but elegant dessert.

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